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In 1492, when Columbus discovered these islands, he initiated a now five hundred year old frenzy over what has become the world’s definition of paradise. Today the Caribbean, the most recognizable tourism brand on earth, is still the pinnacle of fantasy and desire. 


Each of the seventy West Indian nations offers a unique interpretation of this enduring Caribbean dream. One can become immersed in nature’s splendour on the island of Dominica, or sizzle with the nightlife on Barbados. If one seeks luxury, Antigua and St. Lucia offer all the extravagance of some of the region’s most ambitious resorts. Those seeking a new cultural experience may become inspired with the art of French living in Martinique or Guadeloupe, or discover the brighter side of the British Empire all over this diverse archipelago. 


At Vivaldi, we share your love for this colourful region, and know exactly why you want to live and work here. We are therefore poised to make your dream of owning property in paradise a reality.


However, Caribbean real estate is in high demand and developers from the United States and Europe are undertaking fantastic projects all over the region. Prices are rising. The time to buy property is now, and Vivaldi is the right partner to help make the perfect investment.



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